Thongs with a Difference!

Say Hello to Salvatos - Rescue Me Thongs! 

New to the Australian market, a unique range of patented, foldable and portable thongs aka flip flops, that every girl needs in her handbag!


I think we've all been there... Putting on a pair of gorgeous heels, and end up suffering for it at the end of a long night or a long day. Keep looking stylish and never again walk through the streets bare footed with your heels in your hand! 



Salvatos thongs currently come in 14 different designs each with their own colour matched silicon pouch. They're light, comfortable and as you fold them it covers up the sole, making them more hygienic and compact for your handbag.

Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium & Large.


Rescue your feet, by slipping into a pair of stylish Salvatos thongs after your next event.